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Answering client's top 10 questions

Utilizing the unique 10-step design-build process developed by MARSHALL Design-Build

YES! The first phase (Phase I) of our process provides a Schematic Design and Cost Analysis for a small fee which includes:

  • Preliminary Site Plan
  • Preliminary Floor Plan
  • Color Front Elevation
  • Detailed Cost Analysis
  • Preliminary Schedule

YES! At the completion of the Phase I Analysis, our clients are free to take all documentation developed for their project and have no further commitment to MARSHALL Design-Build.  After utilizing this process for over 250 projects, we know that most clients move forward with us to Phase II Design.

YES! At the beginning of Phase II Design, we build a Team of Design Professionals with a common goal of serving the clients needs.  This team approach eliminates concerns of fighting and litigation associated with standard methods as well as their costs.  These cost savings are passed on to you through reduced design fees.

YES! Our team of Design Professionals understands that this is YOUR building and YOUR money.  We work hard to understand and meet your needs.  All design fees are paid as a lump sum and not as a percentage of the total project cost, thus eliminating any motivation for any team members to increase total project cost.

YES! We identify architectural features that are both economical as well as aesthetically pleasing.  You decide which ones you want to implement in your project based on various options.

YES! We bid out all labor and material to qualified subcontractors for you and review the bids with you in order to select the Building Team.  Once these selections are made, a detailed cost analysis is created for the project that shows all costs and the total project cost.

YES! During Phase III Construction, a Site Manager is designated, moves to an on-site office, and has the on-site responsibilities of scheduling subcontractors, maintaining progress, quality of the work and safety for the duration of your project.

YES! MARSHALL Design-Build is responsible for the Design Team as well as the Building Team so there are no change orders due to misunderstandings or clarifications as with standard methods.  If you want to make a minor change during construction, we will only charge the actual cost of the change with no additional profit.

YES!  We issue bi-weekly progress reports that include charts, photos, and narratives to communicate the latest developments for the project.  For our larger projects, we provide you access to our TEAMWORK web-based tool where we post all job photos and project documentation. Also, all Design Professionals will provide material submittal review and periodic inspections of the work. Design Professionals also provide final inspections and punch lists are provided by Marshall, the Owner, and all subcontractors for corrective action.

YES!  The implementation of MARSHALL Design-Build’s unique process ensures that your project will meet or exceed your expectations and will be On-Schedule and In-Budget.

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