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Working in Montgomery for over 40 years, Marshall design build employs the industry’s best practices by bringing together top professionals to guide projects from conception to reality. With a focus on office design builds our process ensures early cost input from the contractor, realistic completion timelines, minimized fees, and reliable subcontractors.

We prioritize transparency, providing budget estimates from the conceptual phase, avoiding high-cost change orders, and maintaining a 100% customer satisfaction rate. Our team approach saves time, while our comprehensive services include master planning, value engineering, and life cycle cost analysis if desired. Trust Marshall for efficient, budget-friendly, and reliable construction projects – contact us today to discuss your needs.

Our Past Office Building Design Build Projects

Our portfolio showcases the seamless fusion of innovative design and expert construction that define Marshall’s commitment to excellence in office building design.

Why Choose the Design Build Method for Your Office Building?

Design build project management is a streamlined construction project delivery method that consolidates design and construction into a single entity. This approach ensures a more seamless and efficient process as design and construction teams collaborate from the project’s inception.

In a design build scenario, a client engages a single team, the design builder, responsible for managing all project aspects, from initial design and budgeting to final construction and delivery. This differs from the traditional design-bid-build method, where separate architects and contractors are hired.

By integrating the roles of architect, engineer, and construction manager into one entity, design build project management offers advantages such as greater flexibility, faster completion, fewer disruptions, quality control, strong local network relationships, and clearer communication, coordination, and collaboration.

Office Building Design Build FAQs

We aim to be as transparent to our office building design build clients as possible. Over the past four decades of service, we have encountered many questions regarding our industry. Below, we’ve included a few of those to help answer any questions you may have. If you don’t see the information you want, check out our FAQ page or contact our team today.

How Does Design Build Contracting Save Time & Money?

Design build contracting saves time and money by fostering collaboration among team members from the design phase through construction. This integrated approach eliminates the delays associated with traditional design-bid-build methods, resulting in faster project completion and cost savings.

How Does the Design Build Method Ensure Quality Control in Office Construction?

Design build ensures quality control by integrating design and construction experts from the project’s inception. This collaborative approach allows for continuous oversight, adherence to standards, and the ability to address quality concerns quickly, resulting in a well-finished product.

What Sets Design Build Project Delivery Apart in Terms of Communication?

Design build project delivery stands out in terms of communication due to its integrated structure. With a single contract, there is clearer communication between the project owner and the design builder, reducing misunderstandings, improving coordination, and fostering effective collaboration.

Is Competitive Bid Pricing Available?

Absolutely! We handle the competitive bidding process on your behalf by soliciting bids from qualified subcontractors for both labor and materials. After receiving the bids, we collaborate with you to select the building team. Once these crucial decisions are finalized, we prepare a comprehensive cost analysis, providing a detailed breakdown of all expenses and the overall project cost.

Do I Have a Say in the Design Process?

Our team of design professionals recognizes that this is your office building and your investment. We are committed to comprehending and fulfilling your requirements. Design fees are structured as a lump sum, not a percentage of the total project cost. This approach ensures that there’s no incentive for team members to inflate the overall project cost. Your input is invaluable, and we strive to align the design with your vision and needs.

Our Full List of Design Build Projects

Our comprehensive design and construction project management services in Montgomery excel in turning concepts into stunning realities. With a proven track record of surpassing client expectations, Marshall Design Build delivers stylish and functional spaces across diverse industries.

From residential to commercial, small to large-scale, our design build expertise guarantees precision, attention to detail, and timely project completion. Integrating advanced technologies and sustainable practices, we ensure that your projects meet and exceed industry standards, leaving a lasting impression that mirrors your unique vision. Beyond office buildings, we have experience working with the following projects:

Contact Our Office Design Build Company for Construction Management You Can Rely On

For over four decades, our dedicated team of professionals, including architects, engineers, and construction managers, has had a strong presence in the Montgomery community. We specialize in the design build approach, emphasizing teamwork, time and money efficiency, and delivering projects’ success through streamlined project management.

As design and construction industry experts, we prioritize safety on our job sites, implementing stringent protocols during the construction phase to protect workers and ensure incident-free project completion. Our expertise extends to sustainable design, integrating energy-efficient systems and materials for reduced environmental impact and long-term cost savings.

Contact us to learn more about Marshall’s design build contracting, where our team members work collaboratively under a single contract, unifying the roles of the design builder, general contractor, and project owner. From the design phase to the construction process, we excel in full design build project delivery, ensuring cost savings and successful project outcomes.

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