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Proven Design Build Contractors for Churches & Schools Throughout Montgomery, AL

Building and designing both schools and churches require sensitivity, understanding, and respect for the property itself. Marshall uses these principles when designing and constructing each place of worship or knowledge. That way, your house of worship reflects your faith, and your children’s school provides a comfortable learning environment for them.

In each design build project, we listen to your desires and requests during the design phase before starting the building’s construction. This streamlined process from our design build team allows us to work within a reasonable project schedule that gets your construction project done on time and within budget.

Other Project Delivery Methods: Construction Management & Traditional Process Delivery

While we specialize in the design build method, having introduced the concept to Montgomery nearly 40 years ago, we also have vast experience with both construction management and traditional process delivery methods.

With construction management, we assist the owner in managing each aspect of the project, but the owner is responsible for obtaining and managing separate contracts with a designer and construction manager. In traditional process delivery, the owner hires his own architect, and we operate as a construction team. Each delivery system is different, but we’ll always provide quality results.

About Marshall Design Build

For over four decades, Marshall Design Build has proudly built a strong reputation founded upon a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. Our extensive expertise in the design build industry spans a range of industries, such as commercial, industrial, and institutional projects. Our portfolio proudly includes buildings for educational, medical, and manufacturing facilities, reflecting our versatility and dedication to catering to a wide range of clients.

At Marshall Design Build, we cherish the opportunity to collaborate with an expansive client base that goes beyond geographical boundaries. We’ve had the privilege of serving both local and national clients while also extending our services to international partners. This global reach showcases our ability to adapt to varying project scopes, demonstrating our commitment to delivering exceptional results, regardless of the project’s size or location.

Our enduring legacy of excellence is a testament to our passion for craftsmanship, innovation, and client-centric service. As we continue to forge ahead, we remain committed to exceeding expectations, upholding our reputation, and providing top-notch design build projects to clients far and wide.

Contact Church & School Design Build Specialists Today

We’ve successfully provided low bids for many projects throughout Montgomery, AL. After receiving a design build contract, our entire team of project managers, architects, engineers, and construction workers delivers empathetic results. Contact us today for a bid on your new school or church construction project.

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